Research and Innovation policy The Japanese Experiment「公共圏における科学技術政策」に関する研究会(STiPS Handai研究会)(15)

■ 第15回STiPS Handai研究会


〇題 目:Research and Innovation policy The Japanese Experiment 〇ゲスト:Alain-Marc Rieu(アラン-マルク リュー)氏(リヨン第三大学 名誉教授)
〇言 語:英語
〇日 時:1月13日[水]18:00-20:00
〇場 所:大阪大学豊中キャンパス 全学教育推進機構ステューデントコモンズ2階 マッチング型セミナー室

〇参加無料 事前申し込み不要(本プログラムの受講生以外の方も参加可能)

〇共 催:大阪大学未来戦略機構科学技術政策研究室

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[Research and Innovation policy The Japanese Experiment]

The report:
Innovation has been for many years the magic wand of advanced industrial societies. Today
the present systemic crisis is spreading disenchantment with innovation expressed in the
notions of “secular stagnation” and “long-term recession”. The goal of this research is to deconstruct innovation, criticize its presuppositions in order to reconstruct its concept. Innovation cannot be reduced to technology and cannot be separated from its social, political, economic and cultural contexts. This explains why today innovation is policy, all inclusive research and innovation policies. These policies are huge institutional constructions resulting from negotiations associating government, the administration, universities and business communities. Still they remain conceptual constructions, models and theories. Based on the case of Japan and on the present state of science and technology studies, this research analyzes why and how the role of “society” has been increasing in research and innovation policies, in Japan, at the level of the EU, in Germany, Switzerland or Scandinavian nations. What is called “ civil society” or simply “society” is becoming a full collective actor and power, with similar status that government, universities and the economy. This is a major evolution. The problem is that this evolution exceeds established conceptions of “society “ and political institutions.

Alain-Marc Rieu
Guest professor, Center for the Study of Communication-Design, Osaka University
Professor emeritus, Department of philosophy, University of Lyon – Jean Moulin
Senior research fellow, IETT, University Jean Moulin & Senior associate fellow, IAO, ENS Lyon